This is a SvelteKit Static Blog Template!

It supports Markdown, and is really fast.

This is a catchy headline that

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Sample for the static template

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Here are some of the features of this template

Picture describing the Markdown Support feature
Markdown Support

Blog posts are written in Markdown, a simple and nearly-universal format. This means you can bring over your posts from other platforms, and easily export to another if you want to.

Picture describing the Themeable feature

You can easily theme the entire website by changing just a few colors in the _themes.scss file.

Picture describing the Extensible feature

Components are built to be reused, and you can build new pages and layouts without much CSS knowledge. You can see all components in Histoire by running "npm run story:dev"

Picture describing the Well Optimized feature
Well Optimized

Images are automatically optimized and lazy loaded, to ensure the website loads as fast as possible regardless of connection speed.

Picture describing the Light and Dark Modes feature
Light and Dark Modes

This template was built with dark mode in mind. It can swap between themes automatically (based on system settings) or manually. Both themes can be tweaked in the _themes.scss file.

Picture describing the Open Source feature
Open Source

All code is open source, which means you can copy and modify it to your heart's content. All I ask is that you make your code open too so that knowledge can be passed on.